Endorsing ownership of the project’s deliverables, making sure we stick to the triple constraint: COST, TIME and SCOPE…

On paper it is quite simple… our consultant is officially in charge of a specific project or program and he or she will acting as project or program interim manager, taking full accountability for the scope, time and cost dimensions. OK, that’s on paper, because the reality can be a bit more subtle.

It may not be officially, sometimes we are requested to do some shadow management. Because for any good reason the project manager has to be someone from the company. It also happens we are in charge of a program, e.g. several projects converging to a common deliverable. As well as we have to take care of a sub-project. And of course we do project coaching as well…
In all cases though, it is not “interim” or “transition” management, it is always applied to a specific (group of) project.
Of what types? Some examples…
  • implementing a franchise retail (clothing) network in a middle-east country
  • designing and developing a data-warehouse application software
  • supporting the construction and equipment of five dispatching/distribution centers
  • implementing the corporate SAP template of an international engineering company
  • migrating the information system of an insurance company
The list is not exhaustive, and the details are confidential. Based in Brussels, we work in the Benelux, in Germany, Poland, Romania, North and Central Africa, the USA, United Kingdom,…
This part of our business is the most likely to need a “live” presentation of actual projects.
Please use our contact form to let us know how you would like us to organise that for you.