Build a Community

So you’ve been in this classroom for a couple of days with 10 colleagues.

You prepared the course, answered the questionnaires, shared your experiences, worked with others on workshops, had some fun.

And then what? Back at work, who is going to maintain what you shared?

WE will… it’s our job to help building project management communities for our customers.

It might start by sending a picture of all participants working on a case. And then we will share a movie with one of our trainers that will remind a few points seen during the course. Later on it might be a video animation about do’s and don’t’s in project management. Or a couple of nice project report templates. And in three months, we would gather everyone for a couple of hours to share how we actually use what was learned in the training.

The participants will get a sense of being part of something more than just 2 days of training. There’s a change in the practices, maybe in the organisation of your company; and they are part of it. And they are not alone, they belong to a community.

A small one, yes, but still.