Project Management Process

Project Management Processes are like a drawing of the start-to-finish lifecycle of your project from

  • where and how does a project start?
  • what are the roles of the various functions (people!) involved?
  • when should we have requirements defined? And a minimum viable product (MVP)?
  • what structures do we put in place to track all that? A program board? A project board? A PMO? A steering committee?
  • what do we do when the project is over?

And so on, many things that should be structured, formalised and known in your organisation, at least at a minimum…

It might look like this:

pm process

A graphic representation is usually well accepted. And useful if the underlying details are easily accessible and that it makes sense. But if I, as a project manager, need 3 days of research before knowing how to write my business case, with what template and to whom I should submit it  … well guess what.

We are able to (re)design your project management processes and make them usable and accepted by all stakeholders.