Templates & Tools

Here’s a few usable templates and tools

We all used it at various stages in different projects, some are very very simple (simplistic?), others are a bit more sophisticated. We update this regularly, so do not hesitate to scroll down the page and register if you want to be kept in the loop…



  • This is  a real project charter (Word document) from a project we did in 2014. Gives a good idea of the level of detail such a document can contain, although not ideal in this case, we think it is not easily readable for anyone who would not be closely involved.
  • Another real project charter (also Word) from a more recent project, deploying a corporate PMO. Better than the previous one, probably because we wrote that one:-)
  • A short Project health checklist that you might want to read to see what chances your project does have to be a success…
  • A template you could use if you need to write a Project Plan
  • And yet another Project Plan template. If you mix those two together you will certainly have a great project plan!
  • A very simple Excel project dashboard
  • Another one that we used in one of our assignments on a very big project; this one contains links that you might want to get rid of, as well as custom fields that you should change and adapt. Usable also as an issue management register.

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