The Team

Our General Manager is a customer-focused rock drum player, mountaineer and sailor.

Jean-Louis Davoise - BWMSIt matches his conception of his profession; Jean-Louis Davoise thinks that the satisfaction of the customer is the essence of success – he likes to play harmonious bass lines with his rock’n roll band as well as with his consulting team – he knows what it takes to wake up at 3:30 to climb a glacier all the way to the top of an 4000+ alpine summit, and he gets his kicks from being with 70 other boats raging towards the start line of a Spi Ouest France regatta.

In 2015 Jean-Louis acquired all shares of the former Davoise & Associates company, a well know Brussels-based project management consulting firm acting on the Benelux, UK and French marketplace. He decided to change the name into Big Wheel Management Systems, while keeping all activities, most customers and the same team of experienced consultants.

Why Big Wheel? Tina Turner says that “Big Wheel keeps on turning” : that kind of image, to a rock bass player AND competition sailor is largely enough to choose a name.

The Team

The BWMS team is made of 25 experienced free lance contractors. Most of them already worked with Davoise & Associates, since 2001 for some of them, although not full-time. This gives us a great flexibility and variety of talents and expertise.

All of them have managed critical and/or strategic projects in various sectors; engineering, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, banking, IT, logistics, supply chain, public institutions, …

Most of them are trilingual (Dutch, French, English) engineers with solid technology background and proven pedagogic skills as well as leadership capacity.

Some of them have a C-Level experience in national (Belgian) or international companies.

They all have adhered to the BWMS’ deontology charter (available on request) and most certainly share the same customer focused vision.