Training catalog

Our standard training catalog contains the following courses. In some cases we give the courses “as is”. In most cases we adapt the contents to our customer’s environment: specific terms, templates, custom methods, processes or tools. Everything that is needed to make the course 100% meaningful and efficient.

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Project Management Essentials
Our blockbuster! All the stuff you need to know for managing your projects. Very intensive, it suits many kinds of functions and sectors.
Duration: 2 days – 12 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Project Management for Team Members
All project team members should follow this course! With a better understanding of the context, the constraints and the challenges every project faces, it will help them maximize their contribution to the project. They will become the project team EVERY project leader dreams of!
Duration: 1.5 days – 12 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Advanced Project Scheduling – Full course
For experienced project managers who already had such training as PM Essentials. The standard course is based on Project 2010 or 2013, we also give it on other software such as Open Workbench. In-depth explanations and exercises on how to build a good project schedule. Lots of workshops based on an “red thread” case study.
Duration: 2 days – 8 participants max – given in English

Advanced Project Scheduling – Condensed
Same audience as above, focus on the very essential of advanced scheduling, no theory, no concept, we go straight to the heart of the problem. We also provide links to additional stuff for those who find it a bit too short.
Duration: 1 day – 8 participants max – given in English

Risk Management – Full course
This is also an advanced course, aimed at an experienced audience that knows all the essentials. We use a lot of workshops and a great PC based simulation that really puts the participants in a close-to-real life risk management situation.
Duration: 2 days – 10 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Stakeholders Management 
Same as above, you should be an experienced PM with solid (theoretical) background to attend this course. Based on the PMI’s latest publications regarding stakeholders management, the training is based on a great (and fun) case study. We also provide a software tool that allows you to build a graphical representation of your stakeholders community; it is an excellent basis for a simple and efficient communication plan.
Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Risk & Stakeholders – Condensed course
This is more a workshop than a classic training. There are mandatory  prerequisite for attending because theory and concepts have been kept at a very tiny minimum, vocabulary must be known prior to the course, there’s no blabla, we get right to the point.
Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English

Introduction to Agile Project Management
A first step toward Agile methods, presenting the pro’s and con’s, the various approaches, what it requires before it can be implemented, how it can fit with current more traditional methods. This is the most theoretical of our trainings, as it won’t make you an Agile project manager.
Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Managing the virtual project team
You have remote resources? Some local and some abroad? You do some telecommuting? This is a great, quite condensed and intensive way of learning how to make the most of your virtueal project team. What you should and should not do, in practice, how and why… Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English

Requirements Management 
This one is more software oriented. It is aimed at both IT and business side, the goal being to clearly understand what exactly is wanted or not, what should be delivered, how it will be described, developed, tested and …. approved. As usual, lots of workshops to gain as much practice as possible during the session and use it “on the next business day”. Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English, French and Dutch

Requirements and project sizing – Condensed course
Same principle as Risk & Stakeholders above; what you need to survive when having to manage the requirements. We have added some great stuff about how to turn it into realistic sizing/workload estimates. Probably the most advanced trainings of all, certainly the most intensive.
Duration: 1 day – 10 participants max – given in English

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