Nos clients

Nous sommes très honorés de compter parmi nos clients des entreprises telles que Axa Belgium, Sciensano, Baxter, BICS, Proximus, Sonaca, bPost, Ergo Insurance, ISTA, RTL Belgium, Orangina Schweppes (Suntory), AG Insurance, le Wallonie aerotraining network, …

Ce qu’ils disent de nous  (en Anglais, Néerlandais ou Français)

I really appreciated the capacity of BWMS to interact with all stakeholders of this project, whether it was at project leader, team leader, manager, or executive level. We have benefited from their experience in this kind of project, their advice and recommendations were very useful.

JP – General Manager at the Institute of Public Health.

Both senior consultants who worked for us were complementary and they did split tasks very efficiently, one being more oriented on organizational aspects, the other one on functional and architectural issues. They addressed all our concerns and helped us make a decision on the most solid basis we could build.

YH – PMO Manager

“Get things done” et “Can do attitude” sont deux expressions que j’affectionne et qui collent particulièrement bien à BWMS ! C’est d’ailleurs ce que j’attendais de toute mon équipe indique OVB, IT Manager chez bPOST. Entre la méthode et l’approche structurante d’un côté et la motorisation efficace des projets de l’autre, les consultants de BWMS apportent le bon équilibre. Ils ont démontré leur capacité à comprendre les spécificités de notre métier, et ils considèrent nos défis comme les leurs.

Since I started working 20 years ago I have followed a big number of trainings, I can tell you that  this is the best ever and that you are the best trainer I have ever had.

VR – Senior Program Manager – Axa Belgium

De aanpak van BWMS gaat recht naar de kern! Ze heeft ons toegelaten om op een formele, gestructureerde wijze de nodige acties te identificeren   die aan ons projectbeheer-systeem zullen toelaten om onze groei en strategie te blijven ondersteunen benadrukt PhD – CEO van Isabel. Dit alles in een mum van tijd en voor een zeer beperkt budget t.o.v. de bereikte resultaten. De presentatie van de bevindingen en voorgestelde acties aan ons Strategisch Comité, heeft aan het management van Isabel een duidelijke visie gegeven van de uitdagingen met daarbij een realistisch actieplan dat meteen toepasbaar was.

From the initial kick-off of the program up until the final debriefing, we could appreciate BWMS’ professionalism. They have spent the time that was necessary to understand our context, our situation and our objectives. They have taken into account the previous project management initiatives started within the IT department as well as a broader vision supported by the Human Resources. We appreciate that our cooperation goes further than a simple one-shot; we have built a mutual trust partnership that brings our company high added value.

OV HR Manager and YG  IT Manager – Ergo Insurance

I have been at Proximus for 25 years, this is the best training EVER!

HVDH – Corporate Program Manager – Proximus